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#28430 - I was trying hard not to loss my weight & fall above her , my legs were weak … we heard a knock on the door , Shiiiiiiiiit , Library was closing , we started fixing ourselves again , but I told her last kiss , I kissed her deep then gave a fast nice kiss to each tit & we went out … on our way out , she gave me a beautiful smile & told me ‘ooh baby , it’s slippery between my thighs , u made me all wet , u are great , today was totally different from last time , when do u wana do it again , I cant wait till I’m off period , I want this tongue on my pussy ’ she kept talking & talking. !!! yes , her breath went fast , I licked faster, & with my body close to hers , I felt a movement down between her legs , contractions, her lower half was shaking, calling my name , moaning in such a sexy voice , oooh that was great , she came , then her breath went slower bit by bit , she told me that she was all wet from below . then later we did chat by the messenger , all was nice & pure .

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Luna platz
Xev writes her own stuff she starts with an idea and then improvises the rest
Itsuki koizumi
I love blowjob
Sayla mass
Nice shots
Jack the ripper
Fack orgasm
Sayaka miki
That was so damn hot
Ew those nipples look disgusting