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#63731 - After finishing shaving myself, cleaning my cum off the mirror and getting dressing in shorts and t-shirt I went down stairs and sat at the table were Mrs Dunn served me steak and chips with plenty of thick gravy for my dinner and chatted to me like nothing had happened, we then watched the soap operas on TV and a film about two soldiers who appeared to kill all the enemy in Vietnam by themselves, before I decided I was tired and needed to sleep, I told Mrs Dunn my intensions and said good night, Mrs Dunn told me she would be following shortly and I went off to my room. It was about fifteen minutes later there was a knock at my door and Mrs Dunn walked into my room and asked if I was comfortable, I told her I was fine and the bed was very comfy and my cock started to harden at the thought of what I was hoping would happen but to my displeasure she just said good night and closed the door.

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