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#303125 - Somehow I knew that if she could speak she would say the same thing to me, I left her soaking in the lather as I began to lather myself in the shampoo covering my head and my crotch and getting over her I began to rinse us both off at the same time and as I rinsed off my cock and balls she turned round and began to lick at them but paying more attention to my cock which was getting more harder as she laid each lick on it. Within minuted I had her Panting fast and bucking herself into my forward thrusts forcing my penis fully inside of her and then all of a sudden as I regained my composure the first thing that went through my mind as I kept thrusting was Gowd what heat! Are all dogs this hot? I couldn't believe that I was having sex with my dog that I have loved for 3 years and now Lucy was my new lover that I would love for ever. I apologised to Lynda and said that I might pop round to hers later on, and then I turned to Lucy and told her that she should be ashamed of hersel

Read Puto Minarai Taimashi Maji de Ikimasu! Solo Girl Minarai Taimashi Maji de Ikimasu!

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Ichika hoshino
Very hot vid
Tuxedo mask
I enjoy watching this hentai of you three together you guys are so natural and down to earth it got me so excited keep up the good work