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#341864 - ” Brock: “3” Kim: “you don’t mean it, you are blackmailing me” Brock: “2” Kim: “Ok, ok” I thinking of taking making a deal of wade and his camera and the brothers camera, maybe publishing a video or photos on the net for the school, and let Bonnie dominate Kim later tell me what you think Continued follow? Do you wanna know the rest tell me ;). Ron sat down for a minute before he got a text from his mom reminding Ron on getting home and babysit his new sister. At first they stood there in shock everyone until Kim said (Flushing) Kim: “Can you please leave guys?” Brock: “ehm ye of course” Tom: “Well ye, but why are you naked so late? (Completely humiliated) Kim: “I think Bonnie took my clothes” Tom: “well in that case do you wanna have a ride with us home so you can get some clothes? Kim: “hehe love too but can I maybe then loan one of the coats you got? Tom: “Ye of cour” Brock: “Wait.

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