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#51620 - Stacey slowly began to slide her hand up and down the shaft of my dick, trying hard not to make too much movement, unfortunately Claire had seen what was going on and cleared her throat loudly, shaking her head when we looked at her, I removed my fingers from her cunt and pretended to rub my nose, when Anna’s attention was back on the movie I looked over to Claire and sucked the juices from my fingers, teasing her, this clearly turned her on as she gave me the nod to get ready for Anna. To which Anna replied “please let me watch the rude film, I’ve seen plenty before” “Where have you seen them” Stacey asked “When I stay here, there’s a load in your bottom drawer, and I’ve seen you and Claire have sex before, I was going to come into your room but I thought you’d shout at me. She said as she guided the head of my cock to her ass, it slipped in much easier as she sat down, she must have lubed right the way in.

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The guy asked for a sandwich after that really
Sei satou
Nice hair