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#85645 - ” So now it was Donnell who grabbed me and said, “So fuckin’ kiss me, Pinky!” I did, luring his tongue into my mouth by darting my own out to touch, not lick, his lips with my tongue, then retreating as his tongue probed into mine, as if in hot pursuit. When I did, his dick sprung in front of my face and it seemed even more beautiful this close, I grasped it with my hands and began kissing and licking it up and down, petting the balls as if they were a beloved little pet, which, in a way, I guess they were, I gently rolled them with my fingertips, feeling and thrilling to their heft and size, pressed them lightly between my fingers and felt gently for the vas to stroke it gently also. ” Since that was what I was there for, I did.

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