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#162880 - “Hello” I said but no answer but after a few short seconds I herd her respond “Hey Leo can you come pick me up?” I quickly asked what’s wrong and if she was ok, she said yes just she didn’t feel to comfortable sleeping at her friend house cause the dad was having a guys night so she wanted me to pick her up, I quickly said ok and that I would be their soon to pick her up. My aunts kids where staying at friends houses the boys where staying at their friends house 15 min drive from mine and the girl was staying at her best friends house about 5 min walk from my house. I laid down and she slowly mounted me until my cock was position right above her slit and she whispered like ripping a band aid and with one foul swoop she dropped herself my cock fully inside of her triggered an intense orgasm for her, her body went into full spasm and after a little wile she recovered and started to move up and down my hard cock.

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Maiku kamishiro
Can you get fucked through shiny leggings with cum shot on them at the end
Cima garahau
So hot that dripping pussy is absolutely amazing i love it