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#162922 - “First of all, call me Martin” he said as he placed his strong arm around me. I replied to his kiss by doing the same, his lips were very soft, they were almost like rose pedals, but what surprised me more, was the fact that our lips seemed to go perfectly together, both of us had the same rhythm, and soon our tongues were involved as well, but instead of just swirling in each other’s mouths, it almost seemed like if they were dancing. “Wow you’re amazing, I’ve never cummed so quickly, and much less because of a blowjob, also I’ve never felt that aroused by one before” said Martin as he tried to catch his breath.

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Edward elric
Let s do it together
Ruri himeyuri
What a perfect little slut
Hot as fuck but i hope youre not actually cheating on your husband that would be fucking disgusting and if you are cheating go ahead and kill yourself