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#268314 - The message said “hey Chris ;) I know what you and Nicole did last night I could hear both of you and to be honest I was getting wet just hearing you two. Before he took off I told him I would be right back and jumped out of the car and ran to the house, I don’t know why I did but after that night I wanted to be there for her because I felt something right there that I hadn’t felt for my cousin. Nicole then blurted out that we would probably be dating if me and angie were not cousins because we had some kind of bond that no one else had in our family, when that was said we just looked at her awkwardly and angie seemed to get embarrassed and said “that would never happen but chris I bet you would fuck me if you had the chance” and got right in my face and laughed.

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I love the ginger bitches
Lunar edomae
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