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#134578 - Ok, the job offer was a no-brainer for me. He had a thin patch of pubescent hair that was so soft and smelled of body wash. Kevin liked to laugh and at times he could be silly.

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Aoi kotonoha
It discourages me to see a woman using a fake cock when there are millions of us guys willing to make her satisfied
Kuroko shirai
I suggest strip mining on y coordinate 13 for diamonds you ll find iron as long as you re below y 65 place torches underneath gravel blocks before they fall to save time and shovels never mine straight down or at least be smart about it because you don t want to fall into lava remember that stone however annoyingly plentiful it seems runs out quick when you re building so save as much as you get diamonds and iron can be found in any biome but gold is most plentiful in mesa biomes
Yumi miyamoto
Fuck the bed fight over something worth while like a car