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#116545 - now to the story it was the summer of 2010, the sun was hot and the air was dry but the constant gentle breeze kept the sweat at bay. steve turned to leave but quickly turned and said management also said that all staff will have to watch the training video next friday as a group event i said okay and he left my first day as shelf stacker was bad, jeof had made it a personal mission to make this job hard for me, but he did it in a way that isnt obvious to other people as i finished stacking the soup in the shelfs i moved over to the buscuits in the other aisle, i just started when jeof came screaming around the corner what the hell is wrong with you whats wrong you retard you couldnt even stack soup properly but ive put the corect flavours in the corect area no you dipshit you overloaded the shelfs, come back here and take the extra soups off the shelfs i when back the soups and started taking off the soup from the bottom shelf then jeof became inpa

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Urumi ushizaki
Someone gotta tell me that black girls name
Sophia nishikinomiya
This is hot i got turned on
Gagaga girl
You have one of the cutest asses ive ever seen