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#282088 - She says we really need to resume this line of hypnosis with other subjects and see what happens to them to make this a viable experiment don’t you agree? I said that would be the logical process for sure. We stayed in this position until I felt like I was going to cum, I pulled out and telling her to turn around and bend over and she obeyed that order as I aimed and went right back inside her and fucked her for another few moments until I couldn’t hold off any longer and telling her so she says let me have it in me, give it all to me now damn it and with that I thrust fully inside her and unleashing my full load inside her pussy she growled and moaned with delight as I emptied my balls into her wanting hole. She says well that is the one thing that most professionals have been thinking for decades and you’ve proved it in a most unusual way I must admit as she wipes her lips some with a giggle saying but you’ve set the hypnosis program back several years now for them to rethink wh

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