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#248835 - Kim made them both coffee & they sat in the living room on the sofa chatting about Bobs false problems, Oh Bob it must be awful for you going through this alone Kim said, Kim i just dont know what im going to do, i just want to curl up & die Bob said, Kim reached out & offerd Bob a hug of comfort, Bob wrapped his arms around her back & hugged tightly into her, he could feel her warm breasts against his chest as he did. She saw the precum on Bobs cock & gently began to lick at the slit of his cock, tasteing another mans cum & enjoying the taste of it, she then engulfed her whole mouth around his cock & began to suck like a woman posessed, she had only sucked on her husbands cock 2 or 3 times during their 9 year marriage because she didnt like the look of Marks cock, she always thought he had an ugly looking cock, But Bobs was a beauty she thought.

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