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#140575 - Dan admitted that he too was always looking for companionship to help him thru the long days now that his wife was gone. He pressed his hands into her sides sliding them up to tickle her armpits. Dan stopped touching her and told her harshly that she had NO say about what he would do to her and that she would stay bound up until he was sure that she had submitted completely to him; beginning again he started with her hair and worked his way down her body sometimes his touch was hard, sometimes light he delighted in her responses to his touch.

Read Adorable Konoha Donburi Okawari sample - Naruto Famosa Konoha Donburi Okawari sample

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Good technique 8 10 nice lighting 8 10 the angle was good and the sounds were okay 6 5 10 overall rating in the context of this hentai is 7 10
Chihaya mifune
Ryouma sakamoto
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