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#164769 - The ribbon holds a card to tell you which one of us it was in and the dates!” Samantha said, “The butt plugs were in our assholes for five nights while we slept too!” Betty said, “These panties were worn for a whole day and never washed! You can see the stains in the crotch from our excitement too! We wore then at least fifteen hours each!” Samantha said, “The same is true for the bras too!” Betty said, “Everything is in plastic bags to preserve the aroma!” Samantha said, “The bags of hair are from when we shave our pussies! The razor is the one we used to shave it with!” Betty said, “We shave the first of every month!” As I looked around I saw small baseball bats, candles, and clothespins. I parked and got out of my car.

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So nice to hear that thank you
To much talking
Yasuko takasu
Cuming in her body
Kanade tachibana
Literally the worst fake moans ive ever heard