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#131421 - Every one was busy, Kim had three or four guys playing with her, as did Sue, Stu was also taking care of two guys too, so with a wink I said Want to try the 12 inch dildo now Stef was on her knee's and waiting, i grabbed the dildo and strap on, we have two holes in our, I put my cock thought the bottom hole and the big 12 inch in the top hole, wetting it with some spit, I eased forward. The guys started to arrive, and as expected, they were more than happy to see Kim, and then Stef, soon, hands explored them both, as more and more guys arrived, things got going. We had all got ready, I used a small dildo in Stef but to get her warmed up, and she enjoyed a couple of orgasms, then the girls went of to dress, The guys know us well, and of course we didn't bother, as they turn up, things quickly get going anyway, so why waste time, but Stef and Kim returned wearing some really sexy gear, my cock jumped up upon seeing them.


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