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#183144 - They loved perving on me, here I was a 13 y. While Ken had the Camera on me filming me, I started to Fuck myself, and the more I Fucked the horner I got, I said to Merve if I am staying here this weekend you will have to get more cocks for me as you three will not keep me satisfied the whole weekend. We said good-night and when I went into my bedroom I couldn`t get my cloths off quick enough as I wanted to get nude so I could look at myself in front of the big mirrors, as soon as I did my cock started to get hard so I stood there in front of the full length mirrors and started to pull myself as Merve had shown me, but I was not satisfied I had to do something else, then it came to me what about something up my Bum as I pulled myself, so I crept along the hallway to Mommies room and I looked into her bedroom and her light was still on but she was asleep so I went over to her dressing table and in the bottom drawer was where she keep her vibrator, so I said to myself that is what I ne

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Meyvn nooj
Omg the anal scenes are absolutely gorgeous keep going
I love how he talks to her and fucks her good
Yuri plisetsky
I would like to be in your place now i am so horny for cum loads in my mouth and on my face