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#416488 - ” SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! In as far as he can be I feel it throbbing, pumping, dumping His wonderful, hot cum Inside me Daddy collapses on top of me Stroking my hair Rapid blinking Cock shrinking Minds linking Cigarette smoke lingering In the air Drifting off in a blind stare Finding our dreams together… Waking in a cold sweat Feeling an imaginary threat Light up a cigarette Black lonely stare Gave myself quite a scare… Missing you My obscured view Right on cue Delirium makes me feel so dumb…. ” I look up, soggy eyes He smiles, evil eyes And blows his load Down my throat Thick, hot, sticky I swallow it Every bit I love it! Fuck! I love it! Then he moves south His mouth Oh and his tongue On my clit Takes the breath out of my lungs His fingers deep inside One finger Then two Then four The fist… It hurts so fucking good Pain mixes with exquisite pleasure And pleasure becomes lust And lust… Oh sweet, sweet lust Walks the line A fi

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Ai hayakawa
She is a pats fan nice
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Thought i was the only one