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#135034 - I licked her toes and worked my way down her legs kissing and caressing her body, she shivered at my touches and I could tell that she wanted my tongue on her pussy, I licked the sides of her pussy sucking on her lips letting my tongue run all over her pussy and then I finally spread her lips and started lick her clit, she nearly jumped off the bed when I hit her little spot, I did my best to hold her down but she was shaking from the pleasure of it all. She pulled her head up for a breath and I told her to lay on her back, which she did rather quickly, knowing what was coming next. At about 11:30 Christina woke me up and told me what time it was, I was too tired to drive the half hour home so I asked her if she minded if I stayed over, she of course didn't mind.

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Melua melna meia
You 2 are one hot couple
Thanks friend
Echt geiles outdoorhentai mit melina