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#150404 - She got a tape from a sewing box as she said she could hardly believe its size she measured me just over 7 in long and as she said rolling pin round she gave me a bath and I got dressed and said I would be at Sunday school at the weekend . Jenny went into the bedroom I could hear her taking her clothes off I was hard the two of them undressed me covered my cock in a lubricant and took me into the room lay me on the bed Jenny looked wonderful standing there big beautiful well rounded hips small waist jet black pussy hairs big tits large nipples and long well filled out legs she straddled me her legs either side of mine Betty took my cock and guided me into Jenny as she sank onto me Doris parted the lips of Jennies clit and she sank on to me I slid right into her wet hot pussy she groaned god its big and I knew it was in as far as it would go as the head was pushing against what seemed like a wall inside her she started to move up and down on me then she leaned forward and her tits push

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Love when you play with his foreskin
What is name of the woman in blue
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I tried your voice is stunning