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#53702 - “It hurts to much!” Brenda took Zoë’s hand, and looked down between her daughter’s legs, the huge helmet had vanished; she knew it was plain sailing from here. “Sorry I’m late! Nothing I’ve missed is there?” What the two girls never realised was that he’d been in one of the other rooms opening up a new girl for Brian. “Well I wouldn’t be able to every week, if you know what I mean!” “Don’t be silly, with the injection…no more periods for you young lady, sex whenever you like” “I quite like that idea, but I don’t think I could take to three at a time, I feel shattered as it is!” “Zoë, it was done that way so that there was little pain to start with, as you said you fancied Brian, but he would really of hurt you if he’d had taken it in the first place, that’s why we’d picked William for you!” “I can see what your saying, I thought he was huge to start with?” “Well, after Brian you’ll be able to take anything that comes along from now on, within reason! In sayin

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