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#8000 - I can’t let this happen again, sure I like Marc but I don’t want him like this! I jump out of bed and swing the door open ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME JANE? YOU’RE ASKING YOUR BOYFRIEND TO RAPE ME? Marc looks shocked to see me standing there but Jane’s smiling Well, well, well. TO ME AND MY BABY? her eyes flew to James AND YOU! James climbed off me lowering his head he walked to her and told her that I had been coming on to him for years, that the other day I came out of the shower and flashed him and told him that if he didn’t fuck me I would tell her that he had, and that he had for years.

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Aoi sakuraba
In my opinion i thought this scene was a bummer this could have been a 5 star scene first if both of these cougars would have taken there blouse and bras off second they should have had a real guy sitting their wanking off and third with about 2 minutes left both of the ladies should have begged the young man to shoot his hott spunk all over there beautiful mature tits but over all i give this scene a 1 5 stars
Suzuka nagami
Gods this is country
Nao serizawa
I fucking love chuck chuck is so wholesome
Gai tendo
I would love to see my girlfriend do this