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#140446 - They said too bad we thought maybe that we could all go get a drink or something, Toni being quick replies or something??? We have a plane to catch in a few hours so we thought maybe we can spend some time you both looked like you could use a little male attention ,she said well she is gone I guess you will have to give all that attention to me can you handle that ? They said you want us both, as horny as I am now I can take on the football team and laughs so they get up and go to their place which was across from the mall. She laid down on her back and the guy that came in her mouth mounted her and started driving hard into her pussy she could feel him deep in her cunt touching her cervix this made her rub her clit and she came a real toe curling orgasm . I tell her maybe next time then she says she left her cell phone number for when they get back so maybe there will be a next time soon.

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Nice and natural
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Britt james has yummy body