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#27073 - We started off kissing on the sofa then ended up naked on the bed, Sasha positioned herself on my face and l fucked her with my tongue, next we got into a 69 she took my cock down her throat, her throat muscles gripped my shaft tightly Sasha slurped down my pre-cum, l was very close to delivering my load the sensation was too much l didn’t have time to withdraw my shaft from her throat so opened the gates that were holding back my creamy liquid, Sasha drank the lot down then when finished she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and licking any spunk she missed. We all lay on the bed catching our breaths then Sasha got up to go to the bathroom saying she had drunk too much of Tina’s milk and needed to piss. My job was going well and l regularly fucked Jacky in the storeroom.

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