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#399837 - Unlike the other homes in his neighborhood, he wasn't right next to his neighbors. But I have something else in mind, a lot more personal than that – we'll begin with a good spanking, since you've been a bad girl indeed!” “Mmmmmmph!” “Kneel!” Jennifer got to her knees a bit unsteadily, since it had been a long time since she had been wearing high heels in bondage! “That's good!” Master Scott complimented her, with a devilish smile on his face – one that Jennifer knew all too well! Master Scott loosened the leather straps holding the ball-gag trainer in place, and finally Jennifer was free of the ball in her mouth! “Thank you, Master!” “You're welcome, my dear. There will be many other opportunities to punish you gagged, since I know you enjoy the experience – but for now, you'll have the power of speech!” “Yes, Master!” Jennifer enjoyed being gagged and punished since it removed her ability to protest her impending punishment.

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