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#233338 - So you do and you see me getting a bag out of the truck ! By this time you no your going to get something special ! Your all excited and your trying to picture whats going to happen! You fell your panties geting wet! I come and get you and I grab your arm and turn you around an put a blind fold on you and slap your ass an tell you to move! Im guiding you in and your triping on sticks and all you can see is a little Light at the very bottom of your blindfold . I go over and open it and pull out a rag and began to bath you and clean my little girl you before we leave ! then I bet a towel out of my bag and dry you off and kiss you ! We get dressed and head home and I ask If your going to do it again and You say Yes Daddy Ill do it again! Get Home and your mom ask how it when and we say together were going back! Next time we are learning about power tools!.

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