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#222768 - Once she was upright, the source of the female voice (Mom?) held Yvette around the waist with her right arm, grabbing the front of Yvette’s belt for a firm grip, while the source of the male voice (Dad?) wrapped Yvette’s other arm over her Mom’s left shoulder where her Mom held it firmly to keep Yvette upright. Yvette stumbled through the door, trying, unsuccessfully, to be quiet before tripping over her own feet and stumbling against the wall falling to the floor. Mom, using as much strength as she could muster, continued using the ruler until Yvette’s ass was completely covered with red and purple coloring.

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This is a fun task to give a sub also with other objects
Kosaki onodera
Love your look and your wild style can you switch it up and add a girl friend to the fun
Ruby moon
Name of 1st girl with mea melone and wendy moon