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#409184 - but that was nothing compared to the view from behind as she sat in a G-string thong that was almost complete hidden by her blemish free butt. She turns around and pulls down my pants exposing my cock in one swift motion before giving it a few strokes luckily mine is just as high Lets strip first i forgot to do laundry last night so i don't want to get these dirty just yet' I say as i remove my shirt and throw it across the room before kicking my pants to the side You always forget she teases before removing her shirt letting her boobs bounce free and dropping her panties exposing her own small erection oh yes there was one small thing i forgot to mention about my lovely girlfriend. Despite the stereotype she actually has sizable breast, a large C-cup i believe, i would check her bra but they're so perky she never wears them and has cute small nipples that are so sensitive shes orgasmed just from nipple play in the past that are slightly visible throug

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