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#95847 - so that's what is what's new so I woke up 2days ago in the morning and I had some breakfast with my parents, as we was eating breakfast my ladies maid said to me Leon you have a phone call its Harvey I didn't really want to speak to Harvey so I told her tell him I'm in the shower and I will call him back so my ladies maid did that and then my cell rang, it was a message from Harvey saying liar. when I got home Harvey messaged me again and it said you spineless son of a bitch I messaged Harvey back saying what am I meant to do Harvey face this head on? when I know I'm going to lose this fight I am not a blood relation its over, where over this was the tipping point Harvey I can't deal you wanted a child and now you have one congratulations and I'm sure your son will be very happy with you as a father Harvey messaged me back and it said see you in court tomorrow I hope you do what's right I will never stop loving you so yester

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Literally more than half of the fucking hentai is them talking
Thank you i do my best