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#1793 - I gave Jan a huge sniff of the poppers I knew she would need them. I gave her a good sniff of the poppers which she needed, her orgasm now one long stream, she took it all, I saw about 20 inches of meat as he pulled out, and then just rammed it all back in, causing Joy to jump with pain, he too was ready, his balls let fly, as Joy took gallons of cum deep inside her, the guys again cheered her on, saying how sexy she looked and yet so horny and hot to see his cock go all the way in her ass. The knot had just dropped out, as Jan told Steve to bring up her first horse, this got a round of applause and Wows from the new guys, this is what they wanted to see, the snorting sound of a horny horse broke the night air, as Jan moved ready for his cock, I held the poppers for her, she took heaps, as the horse stood over her now his cock growing bigger with every second.

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Jomy marcus shin
She sounds so fucken sexy
Hiroyuki fujita
Wow fun