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#356947 - She had never had oral sex of any kind no foreplay ahe never gave a blow job did not even trim or shave her pubic area ,yes I mean her pussy lol. as she giving him a blow job he is rubbing her pussy he tells her she is so wet you can hear his fingers sliding in and out and rubbing her clit she finally says I really want to feel this thing in me do you want to come upstairs and we can finish the right way . I had her dress more sexy when we went out to te grocery store or just shopping even got her to wear a skirt with no panties I would watch from afar as she would purposely bend over and tease men in the isles showing off her bare pussy and tits to strangers in the stores we had fun laugh about it sometimes she would get so excited talking about taking one to the parking lot and giving a blow job or fucking him in the car she would have to release so she would play with herself in the car as I drove or give me a blow job while I drove ,it was hot and exciting .

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Miho shinohara
The acting could have been improved but apart from that she is absolutely stunning be a dream to do a hentai with her in an unusual sex fantasy
Kurisu makise
Very nice hentais congratulations approximately her age is she a milf