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#313450 - Neal was the first to lose his top then l was told to remove my knickers then Kylie lost hers, next the game got more interesting, me and Neal had to kiss then he kissed his sister Kylie that was when we decided to take our game to the lake as it was more secluded, l lost to Kylie and was told to suck Neal’s cock which wasn’t too bad l got him quite hard then Kylie lost to me, so l told her she had to let her brother Neal fuck her, but she refused so me and Neal held her down, he got between her legs slid his cock into his sisters sticky spunk filled pussy to start fucking her, Kylie was telling him to get off, l told her that when he had spunked up inside her l was next, but she wasn’t really listening to me as she was telling Neal she was his sister and brother and sisters don’t have sex, he just carried on fucking Kylie then gave a groan and shot his load up into his sister’s womb as soon as he got from between her legs l took his place fucking Kylie’s wet sticky hole which felt fan

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